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Airport Transport

Green Cab will provide reliable transportation to Logan International Airport. When you are planning a trip, you have enough to worry about without being concerned about arriving for your flight on time. Green Cab can assist you in getting to the airport any time of the day or night as they offer transportation to the airport any time 24/7.  Green Cab provides consumers exceptional transportation services 24/7.
Environmental ResponsibilityThe company offers consumers an enjoyable, hassle free ride in their reliable vehicles. Presently they are converting their entire fleet of taxis over to hybrids and are already using hybrids for over 2/3 of their fleet. They have brand new wheelchair accessible vehicles as well as caravans, vans or sedans in which to transport consumers to their destinations safely and securely. By providing high quality vehicles which are environmentally responsible to consumers they demonstrate another way the company is dedicated and committed to safely transporting their customers in the region.

Airport Services

Riders are assured a safe ride to and from the Logan International Airport as all of the drivers at Green Cab are professional drivers and are good at what they do. They can safely navigate vehicles about the city streets so that customers arrive at their destinations safely and on time. Professional drivers can pick a customer up at the airport and deliver them to their hotel or other desired location with ease. They can also pick clients up at their hotel and safely transport them to the airport.

Scheduling a Ride

Scheduling your ride to Logan International Airport with Green Cab is a very simple process. You may choose to schedule to be transported to the airport up to 24 hours in advance. Simply call the Green Cab radio room at (508) 459-1611 and one of our friendly operators will be able to assist you in scheduling a cab to pick you up and take you to the airport on time for your flight. The dispatch at Green Cab uses the most up to date and technologically advanced system in order to provide consumers with exceptional cab services. This technology not only ensures that clients will reach their destinations on time, but that they will be riding with one of the most technologically advanced taxi services available anywhere.