Alcohol Safety

Green Cab, Inc. has established themselves as an industry leader in the taxi business. They are a reputable company which has served the community by providing reliable transportation at competitive prices. One message that Green Cab would like to reinforce with their customers is alcohol safety. Their message to the community is, “Don’t drink and drive,” because you don’t have to. With Green Cab’s professional cab service it’s easier than ever to avoid drinking and driving. No party is worth never arriving home; or becoming maimed from a terrible accident. And the fare that is charged to take a cab home instead of driving drunk is certainly far less than what you’d be fined for a DUI or DWI. Remember Green Cab next time you are planning to attend a party. If you plan ahead with a group of friends you can all share the minimal cost which helps to keep you and your friends safe until your next party or event. Right now at Green Cab, Inc., 4 passengers can ride in the cab for the price of just one. That makes it even less expensive. In addition to keeping you and your friends safe, you can save money too. By using the professional services of Green Cab, you will not need to worry about appointed a designated driver. We can be your DD for the evening so that you and all of your friends can party together. All of our drivers are professional, insured and licensed; and they are sober too! They are very well equipped to be a designated driver to ensure that you and your friends all arrive home or to your hotel safely after a night of partying. They are very used to the area and familiar with all the roads which ensures you and your friends will be back at your hotel or home in no time at all. So go ahead and enjoy the party, enjoy the activities, enjoy the drinking. Then call Green Cab and schedule your ride. We will ensure that you are safely delivered you to your destination.