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Card Friendly

Green Cab, Inc. is the leading taxi provider in the region. The taxi company is on the leading edge when it comes to technology and it is one of the most technologically advanced taxi companies available. Green Cab is also in the process of expanding their fleet of vehicles by exchanging them for greener, hybrid options. But one thing that sets the company out ahead of the rest is their dedication to customer satisfaction.

Payment Options

One of the primary ways that Green Cab makes their services easily available to their customers is through the acceptance of credit cards. The company accepts all of the major credit cards. Credit card payments are accepted for the wide variety of services that the company provides whether it is a taxi trip to or from the airport, renting a private van, or using their courier services. Payment is simple and easy providing customers with a hassle free way to obtain and use the premiere services of Green Cab.

Types of Vehicles Available

Customers can use a credit card to pay for taxi services. There are several different types of vehicles available to consumers depending on their specific need. Recently the company began replacing the company fleet with hybrid vehicles. Presently about 80 percent of the vehicles used by the taxi company are hybrids. Within the next three years the company will finish the transition and have all hybrid vehicles available.

Convenience of Credit Card Use

Consumers will find paying with a credit card to be a safe and convenient way to pay for the wide variety of services available through Green Cab, Inc. By using a major credit card, customers will not have the need of carrying cash; this not only helps ensure their safety, but is also much quicker. The credit card transaction does not require the counting of change, therefore the transaction is much smoother and easier to make. It is also a very convenient way to pay for online booking or airport reservation services. Credit cards also provide an expedient way to pay for other services such as document delivery, pick up services or courier services.