Corporate Events

Green Cab is a reputable taxi company who is known for providing efficient and affordable transportation options. Their computerized dispatch puts the company way ahead of the game and makes them able to provide the most efficient service to their customers. The company uses cutting edge technology that allows for their professional drivers and dispatch to communicate in real time. This provides the most efficient and safe operating conditions for their clientele. The company extends these efficient services to individuals as well as corporate levels. Green Cab can provide transportation services to corporate employees. A company may have a wide range of transportation needs and Green Cab is equipped to handle every one efficiently. Cab services on the corporate level may include transporting clients or business personnel to and from events, between hotels and venues or to various corporate events. The company’s expertise is in handling transportation services for businesses, investment banks, school systems, governmental purposes, hospitals as well as hotels. The cab company can transport people or documents to the proper location in a timely manner. Green Cab can also provide airport pickup for corporate clients. They also have in airport reservation services for customer’s convenience. The taxi company offers their services at the corporate level at very competitive prices. The company is in the process of exchanging all of their fleet to hybrid vehicles. In order the meet the needs of their clients, the Green Cab company has also acquired several wheelchair accessible vehicles to meet customers who may have special needs when it comes to mobility. Drivers for Green Cab are independent contractors and are licensed and insured. They all meet very high quality standards when it comes to driving records and safety records. Green Cab also requires an extensive orientation in which drivers are trained. Drivers are very knowledgeable of the region and can drive customers from one location to another with ease. They must obtain certification to drive for Green Cab and they must demonstrate that they are aware of and observe safe practices, understand all operational policies and are capable for maintaining high standards in vehicle maintenance. Green Cab is a taxi company dedicated to satisfying the transportation needs of its customers. They will partner with corporations in order to provide exceptional services and transportation options which meets the needs at the corporate level.