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Customer “Call-out”

At Green Cab, Inc. we understand that it is important for you to get to your destination safely and in a timely manner. We can help you accomplish your transportation goals in a reliable and trustworthy fashion. Green Cab has worked diligently over the last 50 years to establish themselves as one of the most dependable businesses in the taxi industry. They provide professional drivers and reliable vehicles, most of which are hybrids. The evidence of their professionalism and high level of responsibility is widespread. However, there is one thing that they do not have control over, the weather.

What happens when you call for a taxi or schedule transportation and the weather does not cooperate? It may or may not stop raining, sleeting or snowing by the time the taxi arrives to take you to your next destination. Chances are the meeting, party or gathering is not going to reschedule because of the inclement weather. Green Cab officials are proud to say that they offer a uniquely exceptional service to their clientele. They, unlike other taxi or cab companies, offer their customers a “call out” service. This means that customers can stay inside during inclement weather. When the taxi arrives, the customer will be called out to meet the awaiting vehicle. This allows customers to be safe and dry until the taxi arrives to pick them up. They are also assured that they will not miss the ride which is going to take them to their next important event.

The “call out” service offered by Green Cab is not a customary service for most taxi companies. However, it is yet another example of how Green Cab, Inc. truly values their customers and has their interests at heart. Professional drivers will call the customer when they arrive on the scene so that they will have to spend as little time as possible out in the weather. Dependable drivers will then transport the customers to their next destination.

Customer safety is a primary concern for Green Cab. This is one reason they hire professional, reliable drivers who are capable of safely delivering customers to their desired destinations. By providing a “call out” service which is a very unique service, the company offers an extra measure of security and safety for customers who trust them with their transportation needs. Taxi customers do not have to worry about missing their ride because they were trying to stay safe or dry. Just another way Green Cab demonstrates their dedication to exceptional customer service.