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Lost And Found

Think you left something in our cab? Stress no more! We check our cabs regularly to make sure our customers do not lose iStock_000008734488Mediumanything. If you come across a belonging, we will inspect it to see if we can extract any information regarding its rightful owner.If you think you left something behind, do not wait around to give us a call. The sooner you call, the better the chances of finding your belongings are! The best thing to know, besides your lost item of course, is either the cab number you were in or your driver’s name so that we can better locate the item. Also, try to know the date, time, and any features that can distinguish your item. This is especially important in cases of electronic devices such as cellphones and iPods.

In the event that we cannot locate you missing item in the cab right away, do not lose hope! Simply fill out the information down below and hit submit. We will document everything and if something matching your description comes up, we will contact you right away.