Our Drivers

It is true that a cab company is only as good as their drivers. After all, the drivers are the members of the professional staff that works the closest with customers. They see them and interact with them on a much more personal level. This is why at Green Cab, Inc. we hire only the most professional independent contractor drivers. Not only do they have all the needed skills and job requirements to be a professional driver, they are dedicated to taking excellent care of our customers. Keeping our customers well served, safe and satisfied is of the utmost important to our entire staff at Green Cab. There are some stringent requirements that must be met in order to become a driver for Green Cab. Drivers are under contract to attend and pass our strict orientation program. They also have to have an excellent driving record with no infractions for at least 5 years. In order to work for our company they must also be very knowledgeable of the service area and pass drug tests. Drivers have also had to demonstrate that they are sensitive to the needs of their passengers. Going through our stringent tests to become a driver is no easy task. But we have these requirements in place to ensure that our customers have the best taxi drivers available. Drivers have to become certified as a taxi driver to work for our company. We offer a new driver orientation which will include a combination of both classroom instruction as well as some behind-the-wheel hands on instruction. In order to obtain their certification drivers for Green Cab must also demonstrate that they have attained mastery of all our operational policies, technical driving skills, and procedures. They must also demonstrate that they are aware of and practice safe and defensive driving. Our customers are important to us and to ensure that they receive the proper service and courteous treatment at all times, our drivers have to meet our guidelines for customer relations. Our drivers must be a cut above the rest as in many instances they will have to deal with clients who have special needs. For this reason drivers must be caring and sensitive. Our drivers are like business partners and we expect the same high level of professionalism out of them that we do from ourselves. They must maintain very high standards in all aspects of their duties including the cleanliness and maintenance of the vehicles. Green Cab is a professional taxi company who hires drivers who are just as concerned about our customers’ satisfaction as we are.