Our Technology

One of the most technologically advanced equipment used at Green Cab is a DDS, or a Digital Dispatch System. This is a specialized GPS which allows the dispatcher to see the exact location of each of the company’s cabs. Through this type of technology, the dispatcher is able to offer customers a precise time when the cab will arrive at their location. It also makes it possible for staff members to dispatch a cab to any area in the service area very easily. These technological advanced systems along with our experienced and knowledgeable drivers allow the industry leading cab company to reduce the time it takes to respond to a call. This technology helps the company improve customer satisfaction. Dispatch is staffed with very knowledgeable personnel who are eager to help customers. They are familiar with and experienced in all the various locations throughout the service area and they know the expected fares. The centralized call center operates 24/7. As soon as an agent completes a reservation it is entered into the computerized reservations system. This information is then instantly sent to the dispatchers and drivers. This cuts down on processing time and helps keep the Green Cab company running efficiently to provide better service to clientele.